Latest Information


  • Classroom registration will open on September 14 once the office opens for business, sometime after 9 am.
  • Registration forms and directions for electronic submission will need to be followed as stated. 
  • Students must register for a class at the school they attend and will not be allowed to register at another school location. Please adhere to this expectation. 
  • We will seat classes one session at a time.  Therefore, October placements will be notified first; if your student does not place in the October class, we will continue to organize students based on age and offer you a subsequent session, as long as seats remain.  We do not yet have spring classroom sessions scheduled.
  • Early registration and/or incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • Students are placed in a class based on age, with the oldest students given priority.  The fee is $65.00, payable online, and covers the classroom. Behind-the-wheel is subsidized by the state at no cost to you.
  • Once the teacher has created the roster, notifications of payment, due dates, and other details will be shared.  There will be actions to take in a timely fashion.  Please review all directions and save/print a copy for your own reference. 
  • Payment must be received prior to the start of the class session and will not be accepted late.  Options include online payment or mailing a money order to JDS. 
  •  The certificate of completion is provided at the conclusion of BTW.


BTW started back July 13 with a reduced work force; we will proceed as scheduled prior to the closure, based on age within the class, oldest to youngest. 

  • Lead Teachers for each site provide the drivers with the contact roster; therefore, your first contact will be the Lead Teacher.
  • Sometimes a younger student is scheduled prior to an older one due to answering the phone or general availability for a time sensitive schedule.  If you have a phone setting that does not allow your phone to ring with an unrecognized number, you might want to turn it off.  
  • We will only move someone up if the student is about to turn 18.  A courtesy email to notify the lead teacher is helpful during this return to driver education and school opening/operating schedules.   
  • Each driver has been trained on safety protocols and has specific directions to follow that are not negotiable.

Applicable DMV Information 

  • If your child has a valid Driving Eligibility Certificate (DEC) issued by his/her school that was dated between Feb. 9, 2020 and March 10, 2020, that certificate will be accepted by the Division of Motor Vehicles  or up to 30 days after all DMV offices have been reopened. Currently about 1/3 of DMVs are open statewide.

Who We Teach

Jordan Driving School teaches Driver Education safety to students who are between the ages of 14 ½ years old up to 18 years of age, and are actively enrolled in a public, private, charter, or licensed home schools within Wake County. Students who are 18 years old, but are still enrolled in high school may take Driver Education with Jordan Driving School, but will need to take additional steps to be able to participate in the behind the wheel portion of the program.

Age eligible students in Wake County who attend a middle school, private school, charter school or home school may sign up for any after school class at a public high school If their schedule permits; however, students MUST be able to arrive to class on time each day, no exceptions.

We do not provide any adult driver education courses.