Lost Driver Education Certificate

It is on average a 7-10 business day process to generate a duplicate certificate. Duplicate certificates must be requested and confirmed before picked up from our office if allowed. Duplicate certificates cannot be picked up from the high school. There is a $25 fee for a duplicate certificate which can be paid by credit card (online). Personal checks are not accepted. Once a duplicate certificate request has been processed, no refund will be issued.

If a student in Wake County has lost the Driver Education certificate, a duplicate may be requested by following the instructions below. Please note, there are two steps to this process: sending an email with the student’s information and then making a payment. If both steps are not completed, the request is considered invalid and the certificate will not be generated.

We create duplicate certificates for Wake County students ONLY here at the Raleigh office. If you took Driver Education in Charlotte, you will need to contact the Charlotte office at # 704-566-9900 to obtain a duplicate certificate. If you took Driver Education in a County other than Wake, you will need to contact someone in the County you took Driver Education in to get a duplicate certificate.

Step 1:

Email the information below to Admin Office at jds@jordandriving.com.

Name As It Appears on Birth Certificate: First, Middle, Last:
Date of Birth:
Home Address (City & Zip):
Mailing Address (if different from home address):
School (where student took the driving portion):
Behind the Wheel Approximate Month/Year:
Contact Phone Number:
Mail or Pick-up Certificate:

Step 2:

Once we receive your email from Step 1 with the students information, you will receive a payment link from jds@jordandriving.com requesting the $25 Duplicate Certificate fee to be paid prior to us mailing you a duplicate certificate.